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For the ancient Afghanistan city, see Minaret of Jam

Firuzkuh (also spelt Firouzkouh, Tabarian: Pirezcow, Persian: فیروزکوه ) is a city and the capital of Firuzkuh County in north-eastern region of Tehran Province. With a population of around 50,000, it is located north-east of the provincial capital of Tehran in Iran. Located in the middle of Alborz Mountains, till recently it was part of Mazandaran Province.

The city has a relatively cool and windy climate. It has some natural attractions and is famous for them, including Tange Vashi, Boornic Cave, Roodafshan Cave, Gardane Gadook and the sight-seeing of villages like Varse-Kharan, Zarrin Dasht, Darreh-Deh, and Kaveh Deh.

Firuzkuh is rich in historical heritage and some of the most ancient objects in Tehran Province have been found there. Among its villages Darreh-Deh contains the most ancient places. Veresk Bridge lies on the road north from Firuzkuh. This Tehran location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.


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